Character: Draco

Name: Draco Belial

Appearances: Falling Toward Heaven

Character Type: demon

Age: 3,000 years, give or take

Build: Draco is extremely tall, enough so that he can easily look out of place, but often lowers his head and does not stand quite so straight so it is less noticeable.

Eyes: A brilliant green, appearing sad or troubled even when he is happy.

Hair: Pure black and exceptionally long.

Facial Features: Draco’s features were modeled after Romans of the time in which he was born.

History: Draco has been through a great many tragedies in his long life.



Origin: Draco was one of the first original characters I ever created, from my grade school days when I was 11 or 12 years old. He was a collection of my favorite attributes, basically the ideal man.

Adaptations: Draco often appears in other works of mine, but often in very subtle ways, and never changed much from his original character.


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