Character: Ash Quinn

Name: Ash Quinn

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Youkai (fire demon) of the Dragon Clan

Age: 112

Birthdate: Late summer

Description: Ash is 6’8″ and all of that is bulky muscle. He has a face that is squarish, but softened a great deal. He looks strong and fairly handsome, but sometimes there is still a boyish look when he isn’t trying to appear so stoic and stern. His eyes are normally brown, but can glint or glow red, and his hair is dark brown with reddish highlights. He keeps it shoulder length and often in a short ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: Ash has the typical Dragon Clan brand wound around his ankle, and some light scarring here and there.

Weapons/talents: Ash has been trained in magic and sword, but his strength is in physical fighting. He can move quicker than a human, but that isn’t his strongest point. He relies on brute strength a great deal of the time. His youkai magic is fairly neglected.

Personality: Ash talks little and shows emotions even less. He is not very open about his past and refuses to talk about much of anything really. Sometimes you have to wonder if he is actually mentally “there”. Once he opens up though, you find a rather sweet guy.

Quirks: Ash loves cats, all kinds of cats. And he really does not suit the warrior cloth he was cut from.

Origin: Minor character found in Kiro no Matsuro, created to be a bad guy, but he’s just too dumb and sweet to pull it off. Ash’s family is a subserviant branch of the Dragon Clan of the Youkai, who rule over the entirety of Makai. In recent years the Dragon Clan lost their hold on the throne and Ash’s family has fought return the true heir to Makai. 

Adaptations: Ash was used more in Kiro Crossings and there he was found to have a much sweeter personality than was shown in the main storyline.

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