Character: Zander

Name: Zander

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Description: Usually seen with spikes of dark blue hair that match the shade of his eyes. He has an aristocratic look about him, carrying himself with regality and pride.

Distinguishing Features: Zander always cloaks himself in some way, sometimes with wings of black feathers, other times with inky darkness.

Weapons/talents: Though his actual abilities aren’t exactly known, he has shown some control over fire and shadow, as well as mental powers of trickery, illusion, foresight, and telepathy. His greatest weapon, however, is probably his ability to hide behind others he gets to do his dirty work for him, never really revealing what he can do.

Personality: Zander has shown a tendency toward sadism. He seems to enjoy watching the suffering of others. Generally he is assumed not to be too nice of a guy.

Quirks: His thinking is… twisted. He often does things that seem to make no sense, but do in his own strange logic, such as kidnapping someone and torturing them for information about events that have not happened yet.

Origin: Antagonist found in Kiro no Matsuro, the bad guy behind the bad guy behind that other bad guy. And who knows, he might have someone controlling him as well.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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