Character: Bastian

Name: Bastian

Appearances: Kiro no Matsuro

Character Type: Nekojin (cat demon)

Age: Appears to be a teenager and acts younger

Birthdate: Autumn

Description: At 5’6″ Bastian is a thin and  compact little guy. Usually he sports cat ears and a tail, his hair and fur a calico mix of orange, black, and white. His large, cat-like eyes are odd colored: the right is pale blue and the left is yellow-orange. His face is boyish and cute, always smiling in a cocky sort of way.  

Distinguishing Features: Just by watching the way he acts or even just looking at him, people get the sense of boyish innocence.

Weapons/talents: Cuteness! He can hold his own in a fight, having grown up in the wilds of Makai, but he usually relies on his speed to escape injury rather than skill or strength.

Personality: Bastian is lively, sometimes enough to be considered hyper, and he can border annoying with that sheer level of energy. While he can be devious and tricky, he is actually very trusting and will do anything for his friends.

Quirks: Though not too bright himself, Bastian can remember and parrot back what someone has said, even after traveling for a great length of time. Thus he makes the perfect messenger.

Origin: A pawn of one of the antagonists found in Kiro no Matsuro. Basically a henchman.

Adaptations: None at this time.

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