Once upon a time I was severely addicted to LiveJournal, furiously updating ten to twenty times a day with sketches, digital works, and writing. There were 500 word challenges, 10 minute ficlets, collaborative pieces written with friends, short stories, and long book chapters. Also, comics, lots and lots of comics.

After falling out with those friends, I abandoned LiveJournal and gave Facebook a try instead. There just wasn’t that drive to produce though, and I fell into something of a creative slump.

So in May of 2011 I decided to get up off my rump and get back to producing things. Maybe not on quite the same level as my anime days, trying to work from a quality instead of quantity angle. And so this blog was born. Originally it was just a private way for me to remind myself that each and every day, no matter what else is going on, I need to devote at least a small bit of time to creating.

Naomi Lynn McFarland

Born November 27th, 1978 at 2:02 in the morning in the middle of one helluva winter snowstorm in Omaha, Nebraska.

It was my mother’s family that raised me. Following her paralyzing car wreck when I was two, we moved in with her parents at Osage Beach, Missouri. My mom was always honest about my absent father and said I could meet him someday. Unfortunately he died when I was only six years old from an extremely aggressive form of lung cancer.

The Lake of the Ozarks was my playground, and I grew up making fun of tourists as our little town of two thousand swelled to bursting in the summer. I rode horses, went scuba diving in the lake, fished, swam, boated, and explored caves.

I painted my first painting under the television tutelage of Bob Ross before I knew how to write. As soon as I knew how to write, I wrote fan fiction of Star Trek the Next Generation, quickly filling folder after notebook after binder with original story ideas and characters.

My mother died from complications of her car accident when I was fourteen. It was a difficult time to lose a parent. I can’t say I handled it well.

By the age of seventeen I had graduated from school early and was off to college to pursue a degree in writing, but also pregnant. The stress caused me to drop out, spend some time homeless in Kansas City, reassess my life, and ultimately enroll in a two year mortuary science program. It would guarantee a good income for a young family.

A second pregnancy, an abusive relationship, another assessment of my life, and I moved back to the lake to be close to my family. Their support gave me the courage to file for divorce and raise my two kids on my own, all while finishing an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Deciding to brave the waters of a doctoral program, I moved my children to Springfield, Missouri. After five hard years of work, I ultimately failed to obtain my degree due to stress, lack of support, and depleted finances.

Faced with the realization that it is never going to be the perfect time, I came out as transgender in 2014 and began my gender journey.

At the moment the three of us are currently struggling just to get by day to day. My body is unwell, but my creativity hasn’t gotten the memo yet. So I work as best I can to try and break through in one creative arena or another.