My writing career began in the 3rd grade. Obsessed with Star Trek: TNG, I wrote a fan novel centered around Worf. It was followed the next two years by sequels. At the age of twelve I wrote my first original fiction, and it was all downhill from there.

Personally, I find writing light fantasy or urban paranormal is where I am most happy. That delicate line where there are just enough supernatural elements to give some spice to the every day world, but not so much you have to slog through lore.

The Enbyprise: A Gender Journey

The story of my gender journey, put down into goofy comic form. Because why not?

Falling Towards Heaven

 coverfthThe story of the Belial demons was first written when I was 12 as a tribute to my mother.

 I attempted a rewrite during NaNoWriMo 2007, adding another half to the story involving my angel characters. This rewrite struggled and barely won. Then again in 2009 the idea wormed into my brain and I tried again, but I remain unhappy with it.

 However, a great many characters from this story have been re-imagined elsewhere since they have been with me for so long.

Though I would love to resurrect this project, the tones are very religious, and at this point in my life that does not appeal to me.



Historical fiction / Light fantasy

coverstrahdFirst written as “The Kiss of the van Jarovich Coven: The Memoirs of the Warrior Lord Strahd” when I was 14 years old, it was my fifth attempt at a novel. It was very much about vampires, an obsession at that age.

Strahd got a rewrite during NaNoWriMo 2008 that removed the vampire elements, and won entirely written in that month, finishing at 127k with the new title of “The Whole of a Man.” I am in the process of editing it.

The sequel to Strahd was started for Nano in 2010, but never made it very far. A sequel is definitely necessary though, since the first ends on a cliffhanger.



During my first years on the internet, I was quite involved with various Vampire the Masquerade and other White Wolf centric roleplaying groups. Most of the time I simply used my Belial demons for these stories.

However, I also created a group of Mage type characters more like those from Mage: The Ascension for roleplaying with a man named Don Tycer.

covermagesHaving long lost contact with Don, I decided to resurrect the characters and use them for Nano fodder in July and November of 2013 under a working title of “Linked.”

While the basic story is the same, this rewrite focuses more on the character development of my three girls.

Still, it only amounted to 20k of original words even with two months of work as I keep worrying about copyright issues and diverting more from the source material into my own ideas.



Kiro no Matsuro

What began as a small roleplay forum in December 2000 quickly grew into a project spanning over five years of work.

This project has included short fictions, artwork, comics, backstories, and plans to make it into an animated series. Basically, it took up five years of my artistic life, and I still can’t shake the anime influence from my drawing.

Some of the offshoots include: Kiro Crossings, Wolfpack, The Greenhouse, and even a Second Generation.

The main storyline won NaNoWriMo in 2005, but fell flat in 2006 when I abandoned it for the most part, taking characters from it as I wish for other projects.


The story of Jenii with a working title of “Shadow” is one aspect of Kiro that has survived over the years as Jenii shows up elsewhere.

Shadow is a first draft written for Nanowrimo in 2011 that is currently at 98k and nearly complete.

It will probably need a rewrite before editing, but this is one part of Kiro that I am absolutely in love with and want to see published.





coverlunacycomicAnother roleplay originally created by TheSparki but which grew into an elaborate collaboration between the two of us. It is taking over a lot of my art, writing, and now a series of graphic novels.

Basically, it’s turning into a werewolf version of the all-consuming creative force that was Kiro.

Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. I love my werewolves.


“Punishers” is an urban fantasy novel of the back story for a group of my Lunacy characters who were in the military and how they struggled to keep their identity as werewolves secret in that environment.

A highly focused and driven Camp Nano during April 2014 that had absolutely no padding to its word count, it was pure original story straight from my brain.

I hope to have the first draft done in May and get it on the road to editing and publication.

coverspinners“Spinners” is another Lunacy based story.

Though actually more of a mashup between Lunacy, Strahd, and Falling Towards Heaven, it was surprisingly easy to write. This fun little paranormal piece was my Camp novel for June 2012.

It needs finishing and rewriting for sure, but I love it and hope to see it published someday.

Then again, with so many tie ins from the other works, does that make it a good lead off, or a follow up to them?



The Tribe

covertribeOriginally a roleplay with a different partner, I brought the Tribe back with help from TheSparki.

A tribe story in pure text form was written for Camp Nanowrimo in August 2012, and Nanowrimo the following November with a combined word count of 87k.

However, I believe the story lends itself to a more graphic format and I am considering a web comic. It has its own separate Tumblr.