My NaNo Profile – Camp Nanowrimo 

I officially joined the site in 2005, but I wrote NaNo at least two years prior without a support group or online help. I now take full advantage of both, as well as a wonderful local writing group. I also jumped into Camp Nano as soon as they began that crazy endeavor.


– Camp again in April, but now I am determined to do this writing thing properly. So I focused completely and totally on a backstory from the Lunacy project, finishing the 50k for Nano and planning to finish it over the course of May into an 80k novel to work toward publishing.


– April camp was a stupid little fluff fan piece based around Horse Isle 2 because I was completely uninspired for anything, but I wrote words anyway.

– Come July camp I got serious and dug out my old mage project from back in the day of Yahoo chat groups and playing too much Vampire the Masquerade, setting out to rewrite that story.

– In November I continued the mages, though I am still unsure of where this story is going and it needs a lot more work. Again, I just was not inspired.


– June Camp was a fun little experiment, a mixture of Lunacy, Strahd, and Falling Towards Heaven in a story working titled Spinners that finished just over 50k but with only 9 of the 15 chapters completed. This is a story I would very much like to publish.

– August Camp had me geared up and excited to work on The Tribe story and I busted out 50k easily.

– For November, I attempted to continue The Tribe in novel format, but it just didn’t work. I won, but that isn’t the right medium for delivering that story.


– July and August Camp Nanowrimo were both Lunacy centered and did not involve a cohesive story, merely thrown together word count. Writing in the summer was very difficult for me since I have two children and I get most of my writing done when they are at school.

– November Nano and from the depths of Kiro no Matsuro emerged Jenii’s backstory demanding to be written. 


– Another attempt at Strahd‘s freaking sequel, again barely winning, but I stayed on task this time! 


– A sequel to the popular Strahd in the works, but distracted heavily by Falling Towards Heaven I switched to that and barely made 50k. 


– I tried another rewrite, this time an old vampire novel with the working title of Strahd. This novel came very easily and I reached 50k just past the halfway point in the month. Encouraged, I attempted 100k and reached that by the 25th day. Then I set my goal to finishing the novel, and ended up with a finished novel of 127k words. 


– I changed directions and tried to rewrite an older novel of mine, Falling Towards Heaven. I struggled and barely won with just 54k words. 


– I tried to continue my 2005 work on Kiro no Matsuro, but failed to reach more than 10k. At the time I was also applying for internships in my clinical psych program and dealing with the loss of my grandfather. This is my only Nano failure to date. 


– I attempted to write the main storyline of Kiro no Matsuro and just barely won with 50k words.